Bajczyk’s departure highlights residence life restructuring


Megan Hellmer

The blank nameplate by Bajczyk’s office after his departure. The office has since been occupied by another faculty member.

Gabrielle Boss, Staff Reporter

Jim Bajczyk, Lakeland’s former residence life director, had his last day on Jan. 8. Associate Provost for Student Development Leslie Laster released an official statement that referenced the restructuring of the residence life department in regards to Bajczyk’s departure.

“At this time, the University is restructuring the residence life department to better serve our students who reside on campus and build strong learning and living communities,” Laster stated. “We are extremely excited with our new hire, Ben Klingberg, who is coming with a strong background in residence life and all things ‘student development.’ Ben will serve as the area coordinator for residence life and assist with a multitude of things. At this time, please direct all residence life questions to Leslie Laster or Kristin Sorenson, graduate hall director in Muehlmeier.”

David Simon, director of campus security and safety, explained the process for a departing employee.

“In all cases, a departing employee is supervised when they gather their belongings and depart so that Lakeland can be assured that property and data stay with the University,” Simon said. “If the employee’s supervisor prefers that security supervise that process, HR arranges that. If the supervisor is comfortable undertaking this task themselves, we leave security out of it. Only in extremely rare cases would anyone be escorted off campus, and that would happen if there is reason to be concerned for the Lakeland community’s well-being.”