What to do during an active shooting on campus


Gabrielle Boss, Staff Reporter

In light of the shooting in Parkland, Fla. and other incidents across the world, students should know how to react to a shooting on their own campus. According to Director of Campus Security and Safety David Simon, students should follow specific steps to ensure their safety.

“First, I would advise students that if they see, hear, or suspect something to contact Campus Safety right away or dial 911,” Simon said. He advises students to follow the ADD plan, which comprises the following:

AVOID starts with your state of mind.

  •                     Pay attention to your surroundings.
  •                     Have an exit plan: stairway, emergency exits, fire escapes, egress windows.
  •                     Move away from the source of the threat as quickly as possible.
  •                     The more distance and barriers between you and the threat, the better.           

DENY when getting away is difficult or maybe even impossible.

  •                    Keep distance between you and the threat.
  •                    Create barriers to prevent or slow down a threat from getting to you.
  •                    Turn the lights off.
  •                    Remain out of sight and quiet by hiding behind large objects and silence your phone.

DEFEND because you have the right to protect yourself.  

  •                    If you cannot Avoid or Deny, be prepared to defend yourself.
  •                    Be aggressive and committed to your actions.   
  •                    Do not fight fairly. THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL; pick up or use anything that can cause harm or neutralize the threat.

Simon also suggested the appropriate reaction to an injured student. “Students, staff and faculty cannot help anyone unless they are able to help themselves first,” he said. “Once you can ensure your own safety, only then should you try to help others.”

Simon addressed students’ anxieties over a potential shooting at Lakeland. “I would tell students that it is not about being concerned of when it will happen here,” Simon said. It is about becoming vigilant of their surroundings and others around them. Pay attention to a person’s behavior. If it appears to be strange, tell faculty or Campus Safety. Pay attention to excessive bulges in shirts and coats. Do not be afraid to speak up. Be an active speaker and understand that an active shooter event can take place anywhere.”

If students believe that there is a possibility of an active shooter situation on campus, they should contact Campus Safety at (920) 565-1126 or dial 911 ASAP.