ThinkFast puts students to test

Willie Franke, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, April 19, ThinkFast, an interactive program, came to Lakeland, bringing together a large number of students in Bossard Hall.

The night consisted of trivia, testing the knowledge of students in all areas, including history, science, pop culture and film. There was also an element that required students to showcase their talents of acting, singing, dancing and advertising.

Students created and formed their own teams, which were mostly made up of five or more individuals. In total, there were 16 teams competing for the grand prize of $200.

Points were given to the team that correctly answered the question the fastest. As time ran down, the point value for the right answer decreased, meaning that speed was a crucial aspect.

The time pressure fueled competitiveness and excitement. Teams often jumped to their feet with enthusiasm upon finding out they had the correct answer.

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