Peer-to-peer inspiration: Lessons learned from student-led convocation

Andrea Barile, Staff Reporter

Tuesday, Nov. 28 was a night to remember for the entirety of the Lakeland community as the first convocation to ever be completely run by students was held at 11 a.m. that day.

The convocation speakers included students Chase Lindgren, Diante Moses, Dezii Bass, Jon Rivera, Tariq Phillips, Donte Rowell, Zach Mock and Dezmen Morse from the Advanced Public Speaking class that communication professor Charlie Krebs teaches. The convocation was the central project of the class, with the speeches written and rehearsed throughout the fall semester.

The speeches were themed around life and finding motivation. Phrases like “Use your talents as a source of inspiration for others,” “Relentlessly fight against the day” and “Allow fear to persuade you to keep going” abounded.

Tensions were high. Nervousness emanated from the speakers and their peers throughout the Bradley Theater. However, the inspiration-focused messages of the students were received well by the audience.