Lee helms College Democrats chapter

Jill Keskimaki, Staff Reporter

Lakeland is home to a new College Democrats chapter founded by freshman business major Dominique Lee.

Lee’s passion for politics and informing others about important issues inspired her to start the Lakeland College Democrats chapter. The organization’s goal, according to Lee, is “to educate the Lakeland community about anything and everything political. We want to strike up conversations and we want more people to participate in the democratic process.”

The club will host guest speakers and discussions on important political topics. The club will also distribute information regarding the voting process and current legislation.

College Democrats of Wisconsin chapters form the student branch of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Lee, the chair of Lakeland’s chapter, currently has a fellowship with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. She works directly with the Regional Director of North Eastern Wisconsin and with the local Sheboygan party.

The club is open to new members. Those interested in joining can contact Lee for more information by sending an email to [email protected] The club will meet every Thursday in the basement of the Ley Chapel.