International Food Festival runs despite kitchen troubles

Melissa Reise, Managing Editor

This year’s International Food Festival seemed normal on the surface, leading to a night of indulgence and dancing. However, hours before, students were rushing and struggling to make do with the spaces they had to prepare in.

Hosted by the Global Student Association and backed by the Spanish Club, the multicultural event was held Nov. 4 in Wehr’s fieldhouse. For the numerous volunteers, the campus center’s continuing renovation brought limitations to the table.

“Because of the renovation and different space that was provided, students had to cook in their dorms or at home,” GSA President and junior marketing major Linda Xiong stated. This caused difficulty for students and led to improvisation, like students cutting up or preparing certain elements of their dishes in the common rooms.

Xiong stated that the decision to team up with dancing act Magic Salsa, the entertainment for the evening, came after it was found that last year’s Hmong dancers had a different obligation. Because of this, the Spanish Club decided to bring in Magic Salsa to fulfill their required project for the semester.

Freshman Megan Sullivan, who cooked for the festival, stated, “I enjoyed the atmosphere and how inviting everyone was. It was exciting to tap into my family’s culture with my dish. I’m looking forward to what next year brings.”