Honor Society promotion hits Lakeland emails

Luke Ulatowski, Executive Editor

Various students have received invitations to join an organization called Honor Society and HonorSociety.org, an action that Lakeland and several other academic institutions have warned against.

In Honor Society’s emails, students are asked to pay $50 in order to join the organization and receive special privileges such as honor cords, scholarship listings and textbook discounts. No required level of academic achievement for membership is stated by Honor Society.

In an email to all students, external relations director David Gallianetti made it clear that “Honor Society is in no way affiliated with Lakeland University.” In fact, the Association of College Honor Societies does not recognize Honor Society, nor does Honor Society meet the standards of recognition.

By warning students about the misleading organization, Lakeland has followed other academic institutions including Sam Houston State University and the University of Nevada, Reno.