Cafeteria, kitchen and storage condensed in move to Wehr

The new, smaller kitchen is kept out of plain view.

Jill Keskimaki, Staff Reporter

The cafeteria’s transition from the Younger Family Campus Center to the Wehr Center was a challenge, according to Director of Dining Services Mark Wagner.

The new location offers many of the same amenities that were offered in the campus center, but in a more condensed space. Food is served from the same eight heated wells, in addition to the dessert and condiment bars. New plumbing was installed in order to accommodate for the beverage station. The Wehr location seats 325 people, which matches the campus center cafeteria’s limit.

Wagner explained that the entire physical transition took about a week and a half, but the Lakeland community took a bit longer to get used to the change. “The first few weeks were challenging, but things are running smoothly now,” Wagner said. “The students have been understanding as we work through this move together.”