Students turn out for Trivia Night


Stephanie Burgardt

The winning team, Gryffindor, trying to figure out the answer to the bonus question.

Stephanie Burgardt, Staff Reporter

Friday, Jan. 9, Lakeland College Residence Life sponsored Trivia Night in the 1862 Lounge. Any student could participate in teams of no more than six people and there was no limit to how many teams could join.

In the first round of questions, the Hall Directors asked questions based off of the history of Lakeland College and the second round of questions were difficult trivia questions.

After some heavy competition, the winning team, Gryffindor, consisting of two RA’s, Jamie Gundlach and Aaron Almedina, pulled through with the help of their friends. Each member of their team won a $25 gift card to Applebee’s.

Liz Pritzl, the hall director of Krueger, said, “it was a really good turnout and there were a lot of different people that came out that normally don’t come out on the weekend.”

She is excited to see what the new year brings and hopes that there will be another Trivia Night in the future.

If you want to test your trivia knowledge, here are a few questions that were asked:

  1. Name three presidents that Lakeland College has had?
  2. How many stars are in the Big Dipper?
  3. The last time the Packers were in the Super Bowl, what team did they beat in the NFC Championship game?
  4. What six states border Iowa?
  5. Bonus Question: Name 4 of the top 20 Billboard Radio played songs of 2015