Student Government election results announced


Amanda Bagnall-Newman

Student voters at the polls for last week’s Student Government Association election.

Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

As stated in a press release by Ryan Opahle on Monday, April 18, the winners of the Student Government Association elections have been announced.

Representatives were elected by their fellow students, with a total of 246 voters, the highest voter turnout in the past 24 years of student voting history. The election took place April 11 to 15 in the Campus Center.

Listed below are the new faces of the Student Government Association:

President:  Nathaniel Cooper (Student Integration Movement)

Executive Vice President:  Joseph Legate (SIM)

Vice President of Academic Affairs:  Christian Gillaspie (SIM)

Vice President of Budget & Finance:  Michael Whitley (SIM)

Vice President of Public Relations:  Austin Hansen (SIM)

Vice President of Student Affairs:  Avinash Limbu (SIM)

Vice President of Student Services:  Dorah Owango (SIM)

Senator for Business Division:  Aaron Barth (The Seven Muskieteers)

Senator for Creative Arts Division:  Amanda Bagnall-Newman (Independent)

Senator for Natural Sciences Division:  Brent Singh Sharkey (The Seven Muskieteers)

Students also voted to approve the SGA Constitution.  Drafting the constitution was one of the major tasks set forth to last year’s SGA, and this will set the framework to allow the organization to run smoothly for years to come.