How students get money from the Foundation Board


The members of the Foundation Board are eager to help students and various organizations with funding. Front row: Whitney Diedrich(success coach), Brooke Corrigan (Jr, biology), Lucy Anschutz (Fr, undecided), Martesia Neal (So, exercise science), Michele Marquardt (Sr, Math and computer science), Megan Hartke (Sr, Math and accounting), Linda Bosman (staff). Back row: Sho Sean Fujino (Sr, International Business), me, Jessica Luecke (Sr, Accounting and Spanish minor), Rainger Rossway (Jr, Computer Science), Brent Singh Sharkey (Fr, Computer Science), Frederick Meyer (Fr, Criminal Justice). Not shown, Bill Weidner (staff).

Le'Shay Jones, Staff Reporter

The Student Foundation Board is one of Lakeland’s many organizations that is meant to focus on the needs of the students. Any student is able to ask the Foundation Board for funds to pay for events and/or equipment and supplies for on-campus use.

The board consists of 13 students, two faculty members, one staff member and the Dean of Students, Eric Blacknall. Every third Thursday of the month, the board meets at 6 p.m. on the fourth floor of WAK.  

If a student is interested in asking the Foundation Board for money, they must find a total of eight students who are willing to participate in planning the event and in order to be eligible to receive funds from the board. Organizations are able to present in front of the board as well, and a decision is made that same day.  

One question many Lakeland students seem to wonder before going in front of the board concerns the source of the money.

The Foundation Board uses student fees to pay for the events and supplies for which students ask. The amount of money varies year to year, depending on the enrollment rate.  Half of student tuition is put towards students fees.  

If there is money left over at the end of the year, that money rolls over into the next school year.

The Foundation Board strictly believes that since it is the students’ money, they should be able to do whatever they want with it.  

However, before making a decision to give students the money, the students must fill out an application for each event that they want on campus.

The application consists of the title of the event or program, the total cost of the event or program, the amount requested, how many people the students or organization believes will show up to their event and to whom the event will be open.

It is required that students give a brief description of the event and that the event have some type of learning objectives. These objectives are limited to academic supplement, intercultural relations, school spirit and special interests.  

What started off as only four applications has turned into nine so far and the board is hoping to receive more applications in the future.

Board members highly encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity.  

For more information, contact a board member or Dean of Students, Eric Blacknall.