December graduates moving on

Senior business administration major Brandon Pribbernow speaks.

Luke Ulatowski, Managing Editor, Website Editor

While there’s still another week to go this semester, early graduates are already celebrating.

The mini-ceremony for December graduates took place on Dec. 9 in the 1862 Lounge with an opening statement by dean of students Bryan Bain.

Three of the graduates spoke at the ceremony. Religion major Emma Landowski lead the room in prayer. Afterward, business administration major Brandon Pribbernow and accounting major Summer Larzelere each read a speech.

“Home is not a place,” Larzelere said in her speech. “It’s people.”

Each graduating student was awarded a plaque. After the plaques were handed out, champagne was offered up for a room-wide toast.

The graduating students are still free to attend the large-scale graduation ceremony in spring.

According to systems and reporting specialist Darin Christians, the following students will be graduating after the fall semester of 2016:

Amanda Bagnall-Newman
Hollie Blum
Joshua Borts
Katie Christensen
Matthew Damp
Crystal Dickman
Austin Falkenthal
Mitchell Fucile
Emily Grunewald
Fang He
Nicole Hermann
Kathryn Herring
Karen Hjelle
Zachary Hoffmann
Garrett Jahnke
Arielle Kohls
Emma Landowski
Summer Larzelere
Tou Long Lee
Joseph Legate
Emily Lensmire
Yuge Li
Jessica Luecke
Jordan Lynch
Brenden Meyer
Alan Nagorny
Nwachan Nda
Natalie Neitzel
Alexander Newman
Evan Nordby
Robert Pfister
Brandon Pribbernow
Tia Pribbernow
Chloe Reed
Heather Ross
Madison Runge
Lucas Runge
Seiichi Sakaeda
Megen Schramm
Deion Sonsalla
Travis Stever
Mirko Tadic Peters
Matthew Taff
Joselynn Torres
Amanda Troyer
Choua Vang
Jonathan Weidensee
Janel Weir
Vanasha Williams
Brook Winkelman