Clown email sets guidelines


Luke Ulatowski

Anti-clown propaganda set in Verhulst.

Sam Martin, Staff Reporter

Due to the recent clown sightings and the new “clown hunters” on campus, Jim Bajczyk, director of residence life, sent out an email about the situation to all hall directors to forward to students.

In the email, he addressed the issue of not knowing a clown’s intentions and set rules for students to follow when coming across a clown.

The email was sent out to ensure all students are being safe and respectful while on campus.

The email Bajczyk sent is below:

“All Residents:

We are aware of the recent phenomena of clown sightings and clown hunting on campus. Such reports have been reported nationwide and the majority of them have turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by social media through the proliferation of altered photos spread to others. While some reports of clown sightings have turned out to be true, we wanted to outline these basic behavioral expectations of our Lakeland community:

1. If you see an actual clown on campus, call Security right away at extension x1126.

2. If looking for a clown, please do so in a manner respectful of your community. If seen, do not confront the clown as we do not know their intentions.

3. Do not bang on others’ windows or try to scare others as this is considered a Campus Disruption as defined by the Student Handbook.

4. Never carry any item that can be perceived as a weapon such as baseball bats, golf clubs, etc.

5. Do not lend any above item to others for the purpose of clown hunting.

6. If you feel unsafe walking on campus, please call Security at the above number for a Safe Ride to your destination.

7. Neither dress as a clown to scare others nor send messages to others which proliferates the sighting of an actual or created clown image.

Trust we are trying to ensure the safety of our campus community and prevent the hysteria that can be generated by such instances. If you have any questions, please contact David Simon, Director of Safety & Security, Bryan Bain, Dean of Students, or Jim Bajczyk, Director of Residence Life.”