Caramel apples bring in donations for Safe Harbor

Melissa Reise, Staff Reporter

Last week’s caramel apple sale, held from Oct. 17-19, benefitting Safe Harbor raked in a little over $150, which is the most the sale has raised since being started three years ago.

The sale itself was originally started in 2014 to benefit the Psychology Club, which was starting up again after being dormant.

According to Jessica Kalmar, assistant professor of psychology, the idea of the caramel apples came about when a student mentioned that Oct. 31 is National Caramel Apple Day, which they figured fit.

It wasn’t until last year that they decided to start giving their profits to Safe Harbor for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

This year’s sale went on for three days as opposed to two days like in the past two years, which Kalmar says works since students have more of an opportunity to purchase an apple.

They find that each year, they are discovering ways to make the sale bigger and better.

Olivia Hansen, junior psychology major, said she feels like there wasn’t enough advertising going into the sale, so she hopes they can bring more exposure to it next year.

For more information about the event or Psychology Club, contact a club member or Kalmar at [email protected]

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