Business lecture delivers genius insight

Aaron Oechsner, Visual Media Editor

Lakeland College welcomed international keynote speaker and author, Robert P. Miles to campus on Thursday, March 17 for the 15th annual Charlotte and Walter Kohler Business Lecture. Miles has written three books about the life, work and philosophy of business magnate Warren Buffett.

Miles was full of enthusiasm when he spoke of his work with Buffett. He explained how Buffett was buying low and and selling high as a child: Buffet would purchase a six-pack of Coke and sell them individually, earning a twenty percent profit.

Miles continued, telling the crowd that Buffett would read at least five books a day.

“I gave him a copy of my book to read and look over for accuracy, and I expected to hear back from him by the end of the week. The next morning he called me and said there were only 11 problems he could find,” Miles said to a laughing crowd.

Miles showed his extensive knowledge by giving the crowd information only Buffett’s closest friends and family would know, such as that he drank six cans of Cherry Coke a day or still plays Bridge to keep his mind working.

Miles’ enthusiasm for the life of Warren Buffett and the business of investing was clearly evident in his lecture.

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