Students deliver engaging performances at Honors Recital


Karalee Manis

Students deliver engaging performances at Honors Recital

Karalee Manis, Copy Editor

During the Honors Recital held Tuesday, Nov. 17, students Tia Pribbernow, senior general and choral music education major, Siera Elaine Ramirez, senior, Katie Christensen, junior piano performance and pedagogy major and Jacob Nault, junior choral and general music education major, showcased their musical abilities.

The first performance, featuring Pribbernow as soprano, Ramirez as mezzo-soprano and Christensen on piano, was of the song “Somethings are Meant to Be” from “Little Women.”

Next, Christensen retook her place at piano as tenor Nault sang “Au bord de l’eau.”

The final performance featured Christensen at solo piano playing a dynamic piece by Franz Liszt, “Mephisto Waltz no. 1.”

All students were well-received by the audience with Christensen’s final performance standing out in particular.

The next convocation will be the Music Department Recital on Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 11 a.m.