Little known as to why Sizemore resigns


Photo Courtesy of Rob Sizemore

Sizemore poses with Lakeland students during their recent Habitat for Humanity spring break trip.

Peter Ludolph, Staff Reporter

Rob Sizemore, college chaplain and assistant professor of religion, has resigned from his position at Lakeland. The college announced his departure on Tuesday, Dec 8, via email.

Sizemore stated on his Facebook account, “Many of you have heard that I am no longer with the college, which is true. After a few weeks of difficult but helpful conversations, I decided to resign on December 8.”

Later in his post, Sizemore said, “I know some of you are confused and maybe frustrated with the lack of information the college can give you and, beyond what I just wrote, I don’t want to say any more either.”

Sizemore did not have a comment as to why he resigned his position.

David Gallianetti, director of external relations, also declined comment on why Sizemore left so quickly, nor did he comment on whether Sizemore would return as an employee in the future.

In a press release, Gallianetti said, “There has been a proctor assigned to fill in for Sizemore’s finals. There has been someone assigned to do the grading for his finals.”

Additionally, the press release said, “Student work for Rob’s courses will be assessed by qualified faculty using guidelines and measures he designed.”

Sizemore said, “I very much enjoyed my time at Lakeland. The students and colleagues I met are great people and I wish them all success wherever their journeys lead them.”

Gallianetti said, “We have handled the departure of employees in different ways. This is not the first time that we have had an employee leave as soon as they were not an employee of the college anymore.”

For students who would normally go to Sizemore for counseling, Gallianetti recommends, “Students seeking guidance are encouraged to speak with Dr. Cary Knier in the counseling center.”

Also, as far as chapel services, “More information regarding chapel services and guidance of the Spiritual Life Council will be shared after the holiday break,” said Gallianetti.

There will be someone hired by the college to fill in the spot for Sizemore in the coming weeks, according to Gallianetti, who said, “There will be a position posted based on what we think our needs are.”

Lastly, Gallianetti said, “It is our practice not to talk about the details with any departure; we know that is frustrating to students, but it is just the way that we handle these things.”