Event funding requires new process

Romain johnson, Staff Reporter

The Student Activities Foundation Board was developed in the fall of 2014. Eric Blacknall, senior director of student success and engagement, is the advisor of the board.

One of the goals of the foundation is to support student events, which includes awarding grants that are supportive of what the group wants to do as a student organization.

If an organization or group of eight students want to host an event, then the leader should talk to their success coach to receive the form that needs to be filled out. On the form are questions about how much the event will cost, how it can benefit Lakeland and what the event will be.

After the form is filled out, it should be given back to the success coach or Blacknall. After that, the foundation will review it and decide if funds will be allocated for the event or not. If the majority vote “yes,” then the money is awarded to that organization or group of students.

“The one thing that I think is great about this is that anytime the foundation grant money is provided, the publicity has to say ‘supported by student funds’ because we want to let everyone know that everything that is taking place on campus is a part of you,” said Blacknall.

According to Blacknall, students can learn five lessons from participating in the grant process.

This includes knowing how to accurately complete a funds request form, learning how to accurately budget expenses, planning in advance, working with cross-cultural groups and developing the skills needed to present in front of a governing board.

The board meets every third Thursday of the month to review applications and either grant or deny money from those who have put in a request. Applicants are also welcome to attend and to give a short presentation about their event idea. The next meeting will be on March 19.