Student planners disappear


Austin Anderson, Staff Reporter

Each year, the school likes to make changes that make the college better, safer or more efficient. One adjustment this summer was the removal of the free student planners previously distributed every year.

Emblazoned on the planner were Lakeland College symbols like Musko Muskie and his mighty hook or Old Main Hall’s bell tower.

The planner featured some handy features such as the final exam schedule, convocation dates and sports schedules.

According to Jess Lambrecht, director of career services and student success and engagement coach, there are two main reasons why the school discontinued the planners.

First, it cost roughly $6,398 to print all of the planners each August. That is a considerable amount of money that gets taken from the student tuition to make the planners possible, explains Lambrecht.

Secondly, information in the planners was often subject to change. For instance, convocations and concerts could be rescheduled due to conflicts or even canceled. Students who relied on the planners may have shown up for events that were no longer taking place.

“I wish we still had the planners,” said Megan Hartke, junior accounting and math major. “I like to write down my assignments.”

“Getting rid of the planners was not a great decision,” said Brandon Balazas, senior accounting major. “The internet calendar is an inconvenience.”

Some students were unaffected by the planner’s disappearance.

“I never really used the planners,” said Joe Van Oss, junior criminal justice major. “The change this year really did not bother me.”

Students can check for events on campus by going to At the my.lakeland website, students can go to the “campus life” icon on the top of the screen. The center of the page is where one will find links to all of the events that are happening that week. By clicking the “view all” tab at the bottom of the list, students can navigate through the month for all of the events on campus.

Lambrecht is uncertain if the planners will return but says the college is open to having them brought back.

For the students who need planners to write assignments down, the bookstore sells a few styles of planners, as well as the major chain stores in Plymouth and Sheboygan.