New housing option available for students

Amy Kumrow, Staff Reporter

Three different themed housing options will be offered fall of 2013 along with other additional options with enough requests.

“This year we will be asking on the housing application if students have an interest in potentially going into one of these themed housing options,” Nate Dehne, vice president for student development, said. “We would group students together based off of their interest.”

Initially, students were alerted of the new idea through advertising efforts, such as a flyer in the display case at the Pub.

Jim Bajczyk, director of resident life, said, “The idea was proposed to Hall council by me.”

According to Bajczyk, the council’s response was favorable, and students asked for their opinions on the idea had “nothing negative to say about it.”

“We decided to go ahead and give students the options,” Bajczyk said.

Lakeland students will notice four options available on housing applications. The three listed on the form will be wellness, academic, and global. Global Student Association celebrates the diversity among Lakeland’s students by pairing domestic and international students.

A fourth blank space is for students to write in suggestions. “Students will have the opportunity to come up with them and, if there are enough votes, another themed option will be created,” Bajczyk said.

It is hoped themed housing will improve student satisfaction and success. Not only would students share common interests, but classes as well. “In order to live there,” Dehne said, “students have to live by the rules that [a] smaller community has.”

The housing application deadline is Friday, April 12 at 4 p.m. Students who previously signed up for standard housing can switch prior to the deadline. Even after the deadline switching is still possible, but cannot be guaranteed.


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