Hope for students seeking employment

Amanda Smith

About 50 percent of full-time students on campus work one or more jobs doing various types of work.

Are you still waiting to become part of that number? If so, there is still a chance to get a job on campus.

While most jobs are filled within the first couple of weeks of school, occasionally a few jobs open up throughout the semester. If you are looking for one, then a couple steps are required to give yourself a chance at becoming a student employee at Lakeland.

According to Rose Provencher, student employment manager, the first thing to do is to contact her so she knows you are interested in a job. Once she knows this, she can let you know when a job becomes available on campus.

The second thing you can do is talk to the supervisor in the department you are interested in working for. This way they know you are interested, and if something comes up, they can contact you.

You can also check out Career Connect for job postings on campus and off. Many places are now hiring seasonal workers for the holidays.

Most students only work one job on campus, but some work two or more depending on the situation.

If a student wants to work more than two jobs, then a committee of Provencher, Human Resources, Financial Aid, Accounting, Student Life, Career Development and Rebecca Boyko, director of risk management and study abroad, get together to discuss if they should make an exception.

“On campus jobs are more valuable to students than just financial assistance,” said Kim DeJong, senior psychology and sociology major. “Many students are able to either study during their work hours, have a job that relates to their major, or various other [benefits]. The jobs on campus may be few and select, but they really do make a difference.”

If you are looking for a job, stop by Provencher’s office in WAK LL14 on Monday through Friday. If a job is available, she will be able to let you know first.