Voting possible with new student ID’s

An example of a fine new student ID.

Stephanie Rebek, Staff Reporter

Lakeland College will be changing the layout of student IDs to make them acceptable for voting purposes.

The state recently passed a new law stating that college students can now use their school IDs for voting if the cards meet the proper requirements—they must contain the date of issuance, the signature of the student, a photo of the student, and an expiration date (no later than two years after the date of issuance). The final requirement is that, in addition to an ID, the student must also bring a document confirming college enrollment.

For students who will be voting in the Town of Herman in Franklin, Lakeland sends a list of currently enrolled students. A representative from the Town of Herman said the new IDs and the list of students enrolled would be acceptable for providing verification of enrollment.

In the past, the state required students to have a state issued ID in order to vote. Although this requirement has changed, the DMV still provides state IDs for students who would like one.

“If a student would like to receive a new student ID with the additional information on it, all they have to do is request it, because they are available at any time,” said Nathan Dehne, vice president for student development.

Students can request a new ID card by stopping in at the campus card office in Bossard. There is no cost for the new card.

Lakeland will begin administering the new student ID cards this fall to the incoming freshman class.