Third comedian of Funny February comes to the Pub

Chris Young, Staff Reporter

Lakeland hosted its third comedian of the semester, Chase Daniels, Feb. 21 in the Pub

Daniels talked about roundabouts at the start of the show. He said would kill the person that invented them because he and every other driver that come from highway 43 have to deal with them.

“The roundabout joke was a great joke to start out with because they are very annoying,” said freshman Jacob Simonson.

Then Daniels talked about a time when he sat next to a larger woman on a plane. She made noises every time there legs touched – which was all the time because she was so big, Daniels said.

Daniels went on to talk about his family. He said his twelve year old sons went on his computer and looked up hairy penises. Daniels confronted one of his sons. The son lied about it, and Daniels knew because he stuttered. The son told Daniels that he’s not gay. Daniels knew that. He knew his sons were just wondering about the changes that were taking place to their bodies and told his son to talk to him about it.

He also talked about how old people steal air from the world that people who are not old could be breathing.

“As a science major, I appreciated jokes that made references to science how he thinks old people contribute to global warming was pretty funny to me,” said senior Ashley Doran.

The next and last comedian will be Chris Killian Feb.28 in the Pub.

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