Temporary Chaplain Found

Stephanie Rebek, Staff Reporter

Karl Kuhn, associate professor of religion and ordained United Church of Christ minister, has stepped up to take the position of Interim Chaplain.

“Kelly Stone left in November, and Lakeland has been looking for someone to take over. I was asked to take the position in order to make the transition into having a different Chaplain easier, since I am already familiar with the Lakeland community,” said Kuhn.

As an Interim Chaplain, Kuhn will fulfill all of the same services as Kelly Stone used to. There are Pastoral Care Services available for students, faculty, and staff. The Campus Ministry Office is located in the Younger Family Campus Center and has moved next to the mailboxes. Kuhn’s office hours are on Thursday afternoons from 2-4 p.m.

“Folks can come and talk to me about difficulties they are having in school, work, or spiritually,” said Kuhn.

Kuhn will also be leading the Ash Wednesday Service in the Ley Chapel on February 22. There will be two services at noon and 7 p.m.

“Another aspect of being an Interim Chaplain is to be present at any crisis,” said Kuhn. “If someone would like me to meet them in the hospital or somewhere else and would like me to pray with them, I will drive out there and spend time with them. All they have to do is contact me,” he said.

Kuhn can be reached by phone (565-1274) or email ([email protected]).