Stoneboat to publish special issue

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Stoneboat to publish special issue

Stephanie Rebek, Staff Reporter

Stoneboat will be publishing a special issue completely dedicated to the Lakeland sesquicentennial this spring.

Stoneboat is a literary journal in which people from all over the world submit their work. It contains everything from poems to short stories. It specializes in publishing writers who are submitting work for the first time.

However, this June’s issue of Stoneboat is going to be dedicated just to people affiliated with the Lakeland community.

“Everyone on the Stoneboat staff is [somehow] related to Lakeland,” said Signe Jorgenson, associate editor for Stoneboat and assistant professor of general studies. “This dedication of the June issue to the Lakeland sesquicentennial is our way to almost give back to Lakeland for being so great to us.”

Stoneboat is hoping for more submissions of work for the Lakeland issue.

“Anyone with a connection to Lakeland can submit work for this issue. It does not matter if you’re not a great writer. We are just looking for anything to help us celebrate the sesquicentennial,” said Jorgenson.

They are asking for people’s reflections of their time here, such as favorite memories, things learned, why Lakeland matters to them, or even photos.

“Please don’t be inhibited because it is a literary journal. We are not demanding perfection,” said Jorgenson.

Stoneboat is proud to have the opportunity to compile and publish an eclectic mix of stories rish with the history of our campus. These stories, written by students, staff, faculty, alumni, and special friends of the college, are a great way to share the real, everyday history of the college,” added Editor-in-Chief of Stoneboat and IT Graduate Assistant Rob Pockat.

The deadline for anyone who wishes to write for this special issue is Feb. 15. Work can be submitted to [email protected] or directly to Jorgenson.

Copies of the sesquicentennial issue will be available at the All College Reunion June 21-24.

Other copies will be available for purchase at the Sesquicentennial Celebration or by subscribing to Stoneboat online at

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