Habitat for Humanity’s Shanty Town raises needed funds

Habitat for Humanitys Shanty Town raises needed funds

Amanda Smith, Staff Writer

Would you like to see one of your professors sleeping outside for a night? If you do, then this event is for you!

Habitat for Humanity is having Shanty Town, a fundraiser to raise money for the spring break trip to help build a house in a pending city. If enough funds are raised, five to seven of Lakeland’s professors will spend the night outside on Oct. 16. $75 is needed per a professor. Habitat for Humanity will have a table set up in Bossard Hall during the week of Oct. 8 for students to put money in a jar for each professor that is selected. If the money isn’t raised, then they won’t sleep outside—they need your help!

If you would like to join Habitat for Humanity, please email Kimberly DeJong at [email protected] for more information.