New TVs and Xbox 360s draw students to the Pub

Chris Young, Staff Reporter

Over Winter break, four televisions and two X-Boxes were added to the pub, according to Steve Diedrichs, the pub manager, who chose to bring in these items in an attempt to make the pub more interactive.

“People have been giving positive feedback on the new additions to the pub,” he said.

Diederichs added more games and has made plans to get other accessories, including new pool cubes.

“Since the new equipment has been added the Pub has been more fun, and people are bringing their own systems in to play video games,” said sophomore Brittni Peterson, a bartender at the Pub.

“The Pub has really changed. It used to look really plain, but now it looks like a place that I can come and watch games on the weekend,” said junior Taichi Atsumi. “When I was there for the first pub party I could tell the difference, and saw that more people were having fun playing video games.”

“Now the pub looks like more of a place for all the students to hang out together, and more of a place to go and have fun,” said sophomore Marcus Diedrich. “With the new look to the Pub, I can see myself hanging out there more and bringing my friends because now it’s not just a place for the upper classman to drink.”

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