Evening tutors to help struggling students

Benjamin Wilks, Staff Reporter

If you are a struggling student, but you don’t have time to get a tutor earlier in the day, then you may want to take advantage of Lakeland College’s evening tutoring services.

Evening tutoring is a program where students who excel at a certain subject can be hired to help students whom are struggling with that subject. The topics available pertain to those of any subject a student may need help on.

The majority of the evening tutors meet in the John Esch Library, which is located between Old Main and the Campus Center.

Evening tutors meet weekdays and any student is welcome to use the resource; the great thing about it is that it doesn’t cost students a penny.

All the tutors are students whom have taken the courses they are tutoring and thus know what the professors are looking for in a student’s work.

Anne Penke, director of library services, had this to say about the tutoring in the library.

“I think it’s a wonderful service,” she said. “I’m glad that they can use the library, especially in the evenings. They can just pop in and get help, and if need be, the library is also at the tip of their fingers.”

According to Penke, the library has seen an increasing number of students come in for tutoring and so the amount of tutors has also increased over the years to accommodate.

Jennifer Siebert, the assistant director of the Hayssen Academic Resource Center, supervises over the tutors. Like Penke, she also believes that the tutoring is a wonderful way to help students.

“It’s an incredible way to help students who need it. They may be better at explaining the course in a way that the professor cannot,” says Siebert.

When asked how they handle the subjects that students do not show up for, Siebert said, “The school stops paying for that tutor, and we cut the subject from the budget.”

The goal is to avoid cutting tutors by getting the word out around campus, informing students about the evening tutor program.

“We try to hang the schedules around campus and also have the teachers hand them out in class,” says Siebert in regard to advertising for evening tutors. “Also, we have the students tell the class they are in that they are tutoring, so it’ll be easier for the students to approach them for help.”

There are two types of tutors. Writing tutors still meet Mondays through Thursdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Writing tutors are separate from the new evening subject tutors.

Look in the Esch Library or the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for all tutor schedules.


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