Estes leaving Lakeland

Brandon Rooker, Staff Reporter

At the end of the school year, Professor Hilary Estes will be leaving Lakeland College and the Criminal Justice program that she has been a major part of ever since her arrival at Lakeland College in 2006. Estes will be leaving behind more than just a job. She will be leaving behind memories, and student’s whose lives have been changed for the better because they knew her.

“I’ve known Professor Estes for two years,” senior criminal justice major Akniet Rysbek Kyzy said. “In those two years she’s become a friend to not only me but other students.”

Stephanie Rebek, another of Professor Estes’ students, had similar comments.

“The two years that I have known Hilary have been amazing in that she is such a lively person and is so caring.”

Professor Estes will be remembered by her students for, amongst other things, her passionate method of teaching.

“She’s a great instructor,” Rysbek Kyzy said. “Her classes were always organized. You could see she had a passion. You can see there’s fire and she explains [topics] very well so everyone can understand and she’s very sensitive.”

Though her students support their Estes in her future endeavors, it would be a fallacy to say they won’t miss her when she leaves Lakeland.

“She will be a huge loss to Lakeland and so very missed,” said Rebek, “I wish her the best of luck in her future career, but I hope she will one day come back to say hello.”