Comedian Venkataramanujam opens LC-CAB’s Funny February

Chris Young, Staff Reporter

Lakeland hosted their first Comedian of the semester, Prashanth Venkataramanujam, Feb. 7 in the Pub.

He started the show with jokes about himself, his life in Chicago, and how diverse it was with all the different ethnicities living in different parts of the city. He also talked about he was made fun of when he was a kid by the kids on the playground for being different and for how long his name is.

Junior Yang Vang was sitting in the front row when Venkataramanujam started joking about him wearing pajamas and being the only Asian in the pub. Venkataramanujam asked Vang what his major was.

“Math,” said Vang.

“Are you serious?” said Venkataramanujam.

Venkataramanujam made the stereotype that all Asians are math majors.

“It was hilarious,” Vang said after the show. “There wasn’t a joke that wasn’t funny.”

Later, Venkataramanujam talked about the unhealthy processed food at Taco Bell. He said one time he was at the drive through window at Taco Bell and overheard the person working there say that the meat hose was broken. He joked, How can people still eat Taco Bell’s meat knowing it comes through a meat hose?

“He did a good job relating to the students,” freshman Aaron Sherry said.

For the rest of the show, Venkataramanujam went into more explicit, sexual-orientated jokes. At one school he did a comedy routine at, Venkataramanujam said there were a few deaf kids in the audience. He said it was a hilarious show, because the entire time the sign language translator was signing sexual gestures.

”He was funny, but there were moments where it was just way too much about sex and a little bit uncomfortable to talk about,” sophomore Christian Jaskulski said.

The next comedian that will perform at Lakeland College is Roy Wood Jr. on Feb. 14 at 9 p.m.

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