Comedian 2: Roy Wood Jr.

Chris Young, Staff Reporter

Lakeland hosted their second comedian of the semester, Roy Wood Jr., Feb. 14 in the Pub

Wood started the show right away by talking about Lakeland College. He said when he was driving to Lakeland his GPS asked him, ‘Where are you at?’ and the crowd went nuts laughing.

As the show went on Wood related himself to students, talking about how overachievers would get mad about getting a 93 percent in a class when he had a 7 percent. He said being an average student just getting C’s was just fine by him.

“He was super funny. I’d love to see him again. We couldn’t stop laughing,” freshman Danielle Holzer said.

Like at last week’s comedian performance, the front row was again not the place to be if you didn’t want to be joked about. Freshman Angelo Hernandez was this week’s victim. Wood talked about how there were only three Hispanics living the city he lives in, Birmingham. He said, we borrow them from Atlanta for work and when we’re done we send them back to Atlanta and get three more for work.

“It was funny how he got on the Hispanics and how everybody was looking at me, getting the approval to laugh,” said freshman Angelo Hernandez.

Later, Wood talked about doing pranks and how he would go to Walmart and scare the greeter. He would ask the greeter where electronics were, pretend to go to electronics, sneak through another door, and then run back to the front of the store to scare the greeter. People in the crowd talked about doing that the next time they went to Walmart.

Last, Wood asked people if they ever have been cheated on. One girl said she had been but seemed calm and collected about it. Wood told her she should be angry about it, and advised her to get a black friend to do her dirty work.

“I thought he was funny, energetic, knew how to keep the crowd in tune with his jokes,” said sophomore Eddie Currin.

The next comedian that will perform at Lakeland College is Chad Daniels on Feb. 21 at 9 p.m.

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