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Before you go on break…Earn a convocation credit at Senior Art Exhibition 2

Reina Katoh, Staff Reporter

The second Senior Art Exhibition will be held in the Bradley Theatre at 4:30 p.m. on March 9. This art exhibition will feature art from Jennifer Heinrich, Maui Lee, Zhiheng Gu, Brooks Haas, Ross Soukup, and Cynthia Short.

The show will feature the work the six students created in various art courses at Lakeland, like oil painting, water color, 2D, 3D, digital illustration, and photography. Students will also give brief speeches about their work, experience at Lakeland, and thoughts about themselves as artists.

Most importantly, according to Associate Professor of Art William Weidner, it is the only time for the students to show their art in public.

“It’s like their proof of how well they’ve done,” Weidner said.

“It [the exhibition] gives a little bit more insight into what the artwork is about, how the students got to the point with what they can do with a particular technique, what sort of subject matter interests the students, or what they think they are going to do next after they graduate,” Weidner added.

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Reina Katoh, Staff Reporter

I’m from Japan, majoring in history. I have been at Lakeland since Fall 2011. The reason why I’m in the Mirror is because I’m interested in journalism,...

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Before you go on break…Earn a convocation credit at Senior Art Exhibition 2