Auditions for “Fiddler on the Roof” finish, rehearsals begin

Chris Young, Staff Reporter

The spring play at Lakeland will be “Fiddler on the Roof,” according to Charlie Krebs, associate director of theatre and speech, and the play’s director.

“Fiddler” is a classic play that centers around a father (played in this production by David Neese) trying to maintain his Jewish traditions even while his daughters choose husbands that will lead them further away from those same traditions.

Krebs thinks that students will be able to relate to the play’s plot, which centers around five daughters who, like many college students, are seeking their independence while still trying to maintain family expectations.

“Students can relate because this play is about accepting change, following your dreams, and being yourself,” he said. “This play has something that everyone can relate to, no matter who you are.”

While last semester’s “Romeo and Juliet,” felt up-tempo and modern, Krebs believes that “Fiddler” will have a slower, more classical, feel.

The set and fashion in “Romeo and Juliet” also looked modern. In “Fiddler,” however, they will look older. For example, all of the shirts will have holes in them to help create a poverty-stricken setting. Similar to other Krebs’ plays, the set of “Fiddler” will include homemade material which will also make the play feel older.

He added that the auditions went well, and the cast is “complicated but talented.” Rehearsals began Jan. 29 and opening night is March 22.

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