Classical music featured at Fall Honors Recital

Reina Katoh, Staff Reporter

Fall Honors Recital, one of the major events by the Lakeland Music Department’s students, was held on Nov. 15 in the Bradley Theatre.

All compositions were famous classical tunes – such as pieces by Brahms, Bach, Mozart. There were 14 performances, including solos on piano, flute, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, and marimba, and voice performances with piano accompaniments.

The recital began at 11 a.m. with a calm Bach’s piano solo composition named “Prelude and Fugue No. 20 in A minor” featuring Thomas Pibal. The atmosphere of the theatre was very relaxing overall; however, the last performer, Cody Linder, a bass-baritone who performed “Miei rampolli femminini” from La Cenerentola, changed the mood in a matter of seconds. Linder’s emotional gestures evoked smiles on the audience’s faces, and the recital ended with a standing ovation.

Instrumental compositions such as “Concerto for Flute” featuring Alexandra Wilson and “Serenade” featuring Caroline Ray were very beautiful because of flutes’ mellow sounds; on the other hand, “Sonata, op. 19 I. With vigor” featuring Ayako Mori, a saxophonist, and “Concerto in F, op.75 II. Adagio” featuring Jenna Lee Krueger, a bassoonist, were two energetic performances, and moved the audience.

Fall Honors Recital is one of the main events for students who are music majors or minors. The next event will be the music department recital at 11 a.m. on Tuesday in Bradley. They anticipate having not only classical solo performances, but jazz pieces as well.