Newsbank database provides limitless news sources for student research

Danny Spatchek, Staff Reporter

The John Esch Library has a new research database, called Newsbank, which allows users to browse for information from different types of news sources.

After redesigning their database, Newsbank approached Director of Library Services Ann Penke in February, requesting that the Esch Library help beta test the revamped research tool.

“Newsbank wanted to know if we liked it, and we are also beta testing or looking for any problems with the program,” said Penke.

Through Newsbank, users can access a variety of news sources including newspapers, transcripts, newswires, web-only sources, journals, blogs, newsletters, videos, and college newspapers.

The library’s version of Newsbank features four components—Access World News, All Wisconsin News, the Sheboygan Press, and The New York Times. Penke believes the four components are advantageous for students.

“Students can search the database depending on how broad or narrow their topic is,” said Penke. “You might be interested in information just in Wisconsin or the United States and, in other cases, you may want to know what people in Germany are thinking about global warming.”

Penke added that Newsbank’s Wisconsin component can gather information from any of the fifty states.

“Newsbank’s different news sources offer a different perspective on your topic, and those resources are hard to find on your own,” she said.

Penke encouraged students to give feedback on the Newsbank database, which can be accessed at the Lakeland Web site by clicking on Academics, then, Library, and lastly Database.

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