Esch Library updates Easicat

Danny Spatchek, Staff Writer

John Esch Library’s new Easicat system has guided Lakeland’s students for the past three months, and according to Director of Library Services Ann Penke, it is functioning very well.

“More books have been coming in via Easicat orders, so the students seem to be utilizing the new system,” said Penke. However, Penke believes many Easicat users do not know about all of the system’s features. One feature of the new system allows users to specify their searches according to format. Penke cited the popular book “Freakonomics” as an example. The previous Easicat system would process the inputted data and give the user every piece of information associated with the title and author. In the current system, the user can choose whether they want to search for a Freakonomics book, DVD, or audiocassette.

Penke also noted that the new Easicat sends overdue book notices via students’ Lakeland email. Students without a Lakeland email or those who are in the process of switching email addresses might not receive these notices.

Librarian Joe Pirillo named several other features of Easicat. The newly added RSS Feed can alert users when a work by a particular author arrives. This addition can help fans of an author keep up-to-date on the author’s newly released titles. Tumblebooks, another Easicat program which was available in the old system, provides children books with audio when used. Pirillo suggested the Tumblebooks Application for parents of small children and education majors.

While Lakeland pays to participate in Easicat, Penke believes the money is well spent since Easicat gives students access to 13 other libraries. Similarly, the Easicat system gives the community access to the resources in Lakeland’s library. Penke believes Easicat connects Lakeland with the community and has been a positive addition to the Esch Library.

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