Muskie Spotlight: Sterling Gladney

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Muskie Spotlight: Sterling Gladney

Le'Shay Jones, Staff Reporter

Name: Sterling Gladney

Year: Junior

Major: Business management

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

Sport: Track

One thing you don’t like about Lakeland: “The food and how small it is; Lakeland should expand.”

What’s your life goal: “To move my mom into a nicer home.”

If you could meet any superhero, who would it be: “The Hulk, because he’s the man and no one can be him.”

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be: “Equality, because everyone should be able to look out for each other no matter the skin color or how we look.”

If you could see any Lakeland athlete go professional, who would it be and why: “Joshuan McNeal, because he’s dedicated, and since he came to Lakeland I’ve always seen him in the gym.”

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