Students showcase art in Esch Library

Karalee Manis, Copy Editor

Lakeland’s Esch Library was recently given a makeover when students were given the opportunity to showcase their artwork.

The reception event for this first exhibit occurred from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Oct. 6.  Reference Librarian Joseph Pirillo, who organized the event, said he hopes “to have one (an exhibit) each semester.”

When discussing their art and reasoning behind choosing to showcase it, Anna Colon, sophomore art major, said, it is “nice to show what we do to others. Instead of just putting (our work) away, (we can) share it with everyone.”

Nicole Holstein, freshman psychology major, added that it’s a chance to display art and “let people see what you’ve done.”

Other students who had their work featured included accounting major Scott Hayes and Chloe Kierszh, EWO graduate student in counseling.

Student work was selected with the help of a student advisory committee, which included senior writing major Ben Wilks, Heather Kirby and Hayes.

To visit the exhibit online or to submit work for the spring exhibit, go to

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