Ryman teaches life skills to students


Photo courtesy of Rene Ryman

Rene Ryman began teaching at Lakeland in 2013.

Austin Anderson , Staff Reporter

The Business Department at Lakeland has hired a new professor this semester. Her name is Rene Ryman. Ryman holds multiple degrees in international business and teaching. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Elmhurst College and Lakeforest College. Ryman received her Master’s degree at the University of Denver. Her Doctorate degree came from the University of Sarasota-Argosy and her Post-Doctorate degree came from the University of Southern California.

Ryman has been on Lakeland’s campus for five months. So far, she loves working and teaching at Lakeland. Ryman enjoys working with the students on campus and is intrigued by how interested the students are in international business.

“It’s a very progressive environment,” says Ryman

Lakeland is not the only college that Ryman has taught at. She has taught international business overseas at the American University in Iraq and Iran. She also has taught at the Australian College of Kuwait-Victoria University in Kuwait.

Ryman never originally wanted to teach business. In high school, Ryman wanted to be a high school teacher. After high school, at Elmhurst College, Ryman saw a trend in international business. Now interested in international business, Ryman wished to combine her interests in teaching with her new career of choice in international business.

Senior international business major Kari Bitters stated, “I like having a teacher that has experience in their field.”

Ryman is also a licensed kindergarten through twelfth grade teacher. In the international business field, Ryman has published two books and has written many articles that have been published. Ryman’s most recent article is on how the United States’ aid to Afghan women is falling short.

In her spare time, Ryman loves to ride and rescue horses. She has a farm in Woodstock, Illinois with a horse of her own; a Tennessee Walker horse named Midnight.

“My horse is my baby,” said Ryman.

Every weekend, except when the weather is bad, Ryman ventures down to Illinois to her farm to care for her horses. Ryman grew up in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. Prior to working at Lakeland, she resided in Woodstock on her farm.

According to her students, Ryman is doing well in teaching international business to students who wish to travel abroad and do business in other countries.