Acapella at Lakeland


Graphic created by Amanda Bagnall-Newman and Michelle Fromm.

Austin Anderson , Staff Reporter

Lakeland’s music department has seen some major changes this semester. Both choir and band have gotten new directors and some music groups have come and gone. Handbell Choir was dropped last year after Professor Janet Herrick retired after a 20 year career of directing Concert Choir at Lakeland.

With handbells gone, something had to fill the void. Lakeland students, sophomore education major Sara Pfile, junior criminal justice major Matthew Brown, and senior exercise science Noah Ross, had the idea to start up an acapella group at Lakeland College.

But what is acapella? Acapella is a style of vocal performance that a singer sings without the use of an instrument. In some cases, some singers will make the sound of an instrument, known as beat boxing.

The group will be performing all kinds of music that will be familiar to almost everyone on campus. The genres include, country, pop, and even rock and roll.

Brown stated that the music will be, “Mostly modern music,” at the information meeting on Sept. 6.

Though the group won’t dance, it is encouraged to move your body to the beat when singing. The group will consist of four sopranos, four altos, four tenors, four basses, and two beat boxers.

An acapella group has never been formed before at Lakeland College. Ideas have been brought up in the past, but the plans were immediately extinguished. Ross stated that the group is, “By the people and for the people.”

As of now, there are no set dates of when, or where the first performance will be. The goal of the group is to keep it going in the long run, so future students can participate. The new group will be a part of the community service for Lakeland clubs.