Many forms of art showcased at first senior exhibit of 2012

Reina Katoh, Staff Reporter

Five seniors showed their artwork at the Senior Art Exhibition in the Bradley Theatre on Jan. 27.

The exhibition started at 4:30 in the afternoon with an introduction by Associate Professor of Art, William Weidner. Then the five art students presenting their work, Kasumi Sagae, Robert Schoettler, David Fayne, Tim Wiverstad, and Della Jahnke, gave short presentations on their art.

Weidner said he thought the art students were nervous when the exhibition began, and that artists tend to put their passion into their artworks. Because all artwork becomes personal for the artists, it is challenging for art students to show and explain it in front of people.

“It’s kind of a surreal moment, because a lot of my stuff I created for myself, and for my own personal fulfillment, and to see people looking at it, it’s almost like they’re judging me,” Schoettler said.

However, the nervous mood was broken by the first speaker, Kasumi Sagae. She was wearing an unusual “Zombie/Mad Hatter” costume, which took her almost one hour to put makeup on for.

Since each artist has their own personalities and touches on canvas, the audience could enjoy the art and speeches from all of them. For example, David Fayne focused on photographs and tried to emphasize and respect stories in every single shot. Tim Wiverstad made a contrast of his works by combining two canvases. Unlike the other students, Della Jahnke preferred nature, and she put the beauty on her pictographs and photographs.

The second Senior Art will have artworks from Jennifer Heinrich, Maui Lee, Zhiheng Gu, Brooks Haas, and Cynthia Short, and will be held in the Bradley at 4:30 p.m. on March 9.