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Muskie Spotlight: Tim VanDoorn

Muskie Spotlight: Tim VanDoorn

March 19, 2015

Tim VanDoorn Carpentersville, Ill. Senior Majors in Exercise Scienceand Sport Studies Track and Field   Q. What genre of movie would your life be? A. The genre of my life would be comedy. Q. What language do you wish you could speak? A. I wish I could speak Italian. Q. What...

Lakeland athlete throws himself into Special Olympics work

Tim VanDoorn and his sister pose with her Special Olympics gold medal at last year's events.

Leah Ulatowski, Editor-in-Chief

March 15, 2015

Unlike most siblings, Tim VanDoorn, senior exercise science and sport studies major, says that he and his teenage sister, Sara, have never had a fight. “Sara was born with autism, and it took me a while to really understand that it affected her. My relationship with Sara is something special,”...

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Tim VanDoorn