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Minority Report: A race for innocence

Minority Report: A race for innocence

Benjamin Wilks, Sports Editor

January 20, 2016

I never thought race a factor when trying to assess the age of a person, so when I found out that black boys beginning at the age of ten are viewed as being responsible for actions for which their white counterparts would be still viewed as children, I laughed. It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it, that som...

Paul Adams inspires students to make positive change

Benjamin Wilks, Staff Reporter

March 11, 2013

Paul Adams III walked out onto the stage, fairly wise, and had a sense of respect about him. After being introduced, he talked about “planting trees,” or setting up a good, safe, and secure path for those who come after you. His "We Believe" speech was an inspiration. He then took his listeners...

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