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JSA holds second meeting

JSA holds second meeting

Yoji Hayashi, Staff Reporter

September 13, 2016

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The Japanese Student Association held their second mandatory meeting of the school year on Friday, Sept. 9 in Brotz Hall to welcome seven new students from Lakeland University Japan and one from Tama University. The JSA also discussed having a photoshoot of their current Japanese students this upcoming...

Lakeland travels around the world

Lakeland travels around the world

April 22, 2015

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On April 14, Lakeland celebrated its 10th annual International Night. The event was hosted by the Global Student Association (GSA). The night was filled with singing and dancing which represented countries from around the world. Both international staff and students were given the opportunity to display...

Top 4 worst ways to study for finals

Michelle Fromm, Managing Editor

December 5, 2013

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Whether it’s a final paper, a presentation, or the dreaded final exam, we all have a lot of preparation to do for finals week. I want to wish you the best of luck as we enter this difficult time, as well as warn you of some common pitfalls. 1. Checking Facebook If you’re Facebook friends with...

Greek Life

Andy Kay, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2013

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Twice a year, near the beginning of every semester, all six Greek organizations host weeklong events and parties in an effort to secure potential new members, also known as “pledges.” These weeks are colloquially known as “rush week.” At the end of rush week, each Greek organization hands out...

Film club at Lakeland

Austin Anderson, Staff Reporter

September 30, 2013

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The first film club at Lakeland College has begun this year. The idea came from Lakeland student, Devin Kelly, a sophomore/junior Germen major at Lakeland. He shared the idea with close friend, Collin Parish, a junior history major. They then envisioned a group that was devoted to the students and making...

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