Point Counter-Point: Which is better: Subway or Jimmy John’s?

March 8, 2016

It’s Spring Break and you’ve got a whole week of freedom: from classes, from waking up at ungodly hours and even from being limited to what the campus provides students by way of sub sandwiches. You have the power to choose, to pick the superior sub, read on to see what our columnists say in this epic sandwich debate:

A good sub sandwich is not that hard to find; unfortunately, that sandwich is not found on campus. If you want a quality, delicious sub, do your taste buds a favor and go to Jimmy John’s.

I know, I know: you can get a Subway sub right on campus. But it’s premade. And yes, Jimmy John’s may be a tiny bit more expensive than Subway, but it’s well worth it.

I’ve never had a bad sub when ordering from Jimmy John’s; however, I have from Subway. This seems odd, because an employee builds your sub right before your eyes, with you the captain of that sub, responsible for all decisions.

Either I do not know what I like, despite usually ordering the exact same thing each time, yet having it come out different, or the fine folks at Jimmy John’s already know.

Know what? Everything. They know the best bread for a sub, they know the perfect size so that I can hold it within my hands without having to carefully guide it to my face for a strategic bite in which the sub-guts do not all burst out. They know how much mayonnaise is too much, but respect the customer should she want more. They know how to make a superior sandwich.

The only reason I have chosen to, regretfully, go to Subway over Jimmy John’s is when I’ve been given a gift card for the former and thus do not feel as if I am wasting my money. I may not be totally happy with the product, but free is free and free is king for the college student.

And don’t even try to tell me I cannot customize my sandwich like I could at Subway: that is a lie, sir!

Every time I go to Jimmy John’s, I order a number 16, no tomatoes, sometimes with bacon, sometimes with other variations. If I want to add something to it, I can. And guess what? They do it, how novel is that? It’s not, which is the point – nearly any sub place lets you customize – it’s a sandwich, not an intricate masterpiece of correct spice and cream ratios, or however real cooking works.

Though, the Jimmy John’s sub is a masterpiece, just to clarify.

Be smart, eat Jimmy John’s. This may in fact be the only way I will respect you.

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Finally, it has come down to the ultimate showdown: Subway or Jimmy John’s.  Sandwiches themselves are a work of art, they cover each major food group from meat, bread, vegetables, dairy and even some sugar. There must be a king crowned to who makes the best sandwiches.

Let’s start with the biggest advantage Subway holds over Jimmy John’s: Subway let’s you customize your sandwich with no limitations. You could eat something completely different at Subway if you visited every day of the year. While Jimmy John’s will allow for customization, it is pathetic in comparison to Subway.

Jimmy John’s, why do you you put so much lettuce on your sandwiches? Every time I order a sub, I feel as if I am eating a salad with a side of bread. On the topic of bread, why do insist on gutting my bread? There may be a ‘tradition’ behind your actions, but you are throwing out the best part of the meal. I would rather have a sloppy mess dribbling out of my sandwich than miss out on that bready-goodness.

Many picky requests are turned down at most Jimmy John’s. A request to have hot peppers on only half of the sandwich or on the side is easily denied, while Subway is more than welcome to work around these demands.

A major concern of mine is the throwing of the sandwiches. My first time ordering Jimmy John’s I was unexpectedly bombarded by a sandwich. What is the point? Why is this a necessary action that needs to be taken? In the future, I prefer my sandwiches handed to me on a tray, not hurled across the restaurant.

The only downside I can see to Subway is that it is significantly slower and doesn’t offer delivery. But, despite what our American culture thinks, quality takes time to create. What is the need to stress the sandwich maker by forcing them to work quicker? And on that note, a good sandwich is worth the drive. Here at Lakeland, Subway is the closest option, and the restaurant is only a ten-minute drive away.

Overall, I urge you to treat yourself, take time out of your day and take the drive to Subway to pick up a deliciously customized sub sandwich.

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