Pack your bags and bail

Daevon Reynolds, Copy Editor

Excuse me, America.

Why? Just why, America?

Donald Trump is now the president of the United States.

I cringe so much at the idea that a person who is a bigoted, racist, sexist pig has risen to the most powerful position in the world.

He is the oldest president ever elected and the most unconventional since Ronald Reagan.

We as a nation have collectively thrown ourselves at the gates of hell and have begged the horrible demons to come forth.

I’ve heard many people say that they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a liar, but I mean what politician doesn’t lie? Trump lies like every two seconds because he was just doing this for laughs.

I can understand wanting a change from the establishment, but this was not the election to break away from reason.

If the purge does happen, it will be the fault of Trump voters, but maybe that’s what these foolish people want.

I see now that it’s just okay to have a president that is and has always been privileged, has no political background and a wife with a shady past that can barely speak English to be the role model for young ladies.

Trump isn’t a role model; he is grossly sexist and intolerant, and we shouldn’t even think to look at him as a leader.

America needs help. Trump needs to tell us how this whole election was initially just to get Clinton elected and then he needs to give the presidency to her. She’s the more qualified and fit leader, and the best option of the evil that we are stuck in between.

I need everyone right now to help me find a new life because I’m not with Trump. I voted and he was not my choice.