Don’t fear Trump

Luke Ulatowski, Digital Media Manager

With Donald Trump’s Election Day victory, the media has left impressionable Americans in a state of apocalyptic panic. The lives of minorities (and women) are feared for more than anything after the results, but it’s all based on conjecture.

Is Trump against gay marriage? Not really. He thinks it should be up to each state to decide their own laws regarding any sort of marriage. This isn’t because he has anything against gay marriage. It’s because the Constitution doesn’t mention the word “marriage” a single time and thus has no business in a federal court.

Of course, Trump believes in traditional marriage, but his alternative, Hillary Clinton, has historically stated just as much. In the latest election, she kept quiet on her personal thoughts regarding the topic to keep the LGBT demographic on her side. People change, but Clinton has not.

Is Trump against people who aren’t white? Yeah, right. Closing the door on Syrian refugees would do more for the same women #NeverTrumps fear for than Clinton ever could. Even if one ignores the rapes and terrorist attacks committed by bad Skittles out of a desire to look non-racist, no one can argue that letting more immigrants into our unemployed and overpopulated country would aide it as a whole.

This goes back to Trump’s famous exclamation of “We need to build a wall” between Mexico and the United States. With 8 million illegal immigrants in the workforce in 2014, illegal immigration is a real problem, especially for disadvantaged African American citizens who are losing low-skilled jobs to low income-seeking criminals.

Even Clinton agreed with the notion of securing our borders. Her plan was just a little less concrete than Trump’s. In 2006, she voted for border security and “some of it was a fence,” she said in 2016. “Maybe in some places it was a wall.” Again, Clinton tried to appeal to a minority demographic by being weak on the surface and keeping her opinions within while hypocritically mocking Trump.

The only way to claim Trump hates black people is by grouping him with supporters within the Ku Klux Klan of which his campaign has denounced. Instead, you could group him with the blacks and Hispanics who liked him more than Mitt Romney.

Is Trump against women? Nope. Trump is pro-life as Republican presidents tend to be. Unlike past ones, however, Trump strongly promotes choice in cases of rape, incest and health issues, wishing to cut down the pro-life plank the Republican Party has clung to so hard for so long.

Accusations of sexism mostly stem from some of Trump’s quips, both public and private. Deplorable as they are, it’s not fair to compare Trump and Clinton by calling them a KKK 666 homophobic rapist and a lady who sent some emails about yoga.