The Minority Report: Unprepared

Benjamin Wilks, Sports Editor

Police brutality isn’t anything new. Police officers have been abusing their authority since day one. It gets pretty easy to do immoral things when the most immoral authority is the government.

Also making it easier are the cop apologists that have come forward, fearing for the lives of their dear officers. The same type of officers who kill unarmed suspects. The same type of officers who slam young black girls half their size to the ground.

Now, I don’t like grouping people based off the actions of only a few, so to say all police officers (white male police officers to be exact) are going to abuse their power when it comes to black people would be as foolish as saying the new Star Wars film is anti-white because of the few white people in the trailer. I mean, who would be that idiotic?

Is it a coincidence that most of these videos surfacing have a white police officer and black victim? I don’t know, although I wouldn’t call it a coincidence that a dog trained to attack people does just that when the opportunity arises.

Too many times over the last few years we have seen white police officers abuse their authority and our society blame the victim. Granted, like Ice Cube says, we do have “Black police showing out for the white cop.”

A perfect example of this would be Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., as his statements about Obama are so obscured to me that I believe he is clouded by the fog of ridiculousness that hovers over this topic.  Police brutality hasn’t existed since the sixties? Hello, Uncle Ruckus.

Our society claims the victim shouldn’t have resisted, even though the police officer is clearly the aggressor.

Maybe it’s the preconceived notions about my race that always has you on your heels. Was the little girl in South Carolina being too aggressive for your liking? Was she being too disrespectful? Was her hair making such a political statement that it required the officer to put her in a headlock, knock over the desk while she was still in it and then drag her by her hair?

It amazes me how people will bluntly disregard the actual truth to spew into existence the lie of a life they want to live.

Sit there and ask yourself, are you a racist? You claim you’re not, but when the chance to back up what you say comes forth, instead of words that would encourage the victims of racism to believe your claim, you tell us other things.

You tell us that maybe we should dress better, or that we should stop resisting.  How did that fare with our founding fathers? I’m pretty sure they conformed to what the king wanted, right?

But to be completely honest, I don’t think you’re ready, white America.

I don’t think you’re ready for everything you believe to be true about my race to be just that. I don’t think you want us to begin to fit the stereotypes you put us in.  I don’t think you’re ready for this fabled war on police officers to become a page in the local newspaper.

Your fears of us, of this route you think African Americans will eventually take that consists of revolution and your ending, won’t come from us acting on our own.

It will come because of how you treat us. If you don’t want that reality, then act like it.