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I am thankful for my family, the opportunity to be in college, people who are constant in my life and anime.  

-Diante Moses, Staff Reporter

Diante Moses

Diante Moses is a senior communication major. He is a football player and track runner. He has a motivational program called “Moses Motivation,” enjoys writing poetry and is a member of the Beta Sigma...


I am thankful for my family, friends and the opportunities that Lakeland has provided for me. Without these three key components of my life, I might struggle to succeed. Knowing that I have a huge support system pushes me to do better every day.  

-Riley Phelps, Website and Social Media Editor

Riley Phelps

Riley Phelps is a junior at Lakeland University. She is majoring in marketing with an emphasis in graphic Design and a minor in communications. She is a part of the Women's Basketball team. A native of...

I am thankful for my friends and family who are so supportive to me. I am thankful for the doctor and surgeons who have helped me over the past two years. I am thankful for everyone who serves for our country and I hope that they all return home safe.  

-Mikayla Schowalter, Staff Reporter

Mikayla Schowalter

Mikayla Schowalter is a junior at Lakeland University studying marketing and sports management leadership. She enjoys playing and watching sports and is also a member of the Phi Delta Omega Sorority. ...

I am thankful for the world because I live in here, 
Even thankful for my family and also my peers. 
I am thankful for music, thanks to Post Malone. 
Even thankful for the people inside the ozone. 
Thankful since I always get bored,  
Especially when I am alone.  
-Maui Viola, Staff Reporter

Maui Viola

Maui Viola is a sophomore at Lakeland University. He is a psychology major and is considering a minor in both writing and Spanish. He hopes to attend graduate school to become an art therapist and wants...

Mallory Pautz

Mallory Pautz is a junior writing major and communication minor at Lakeland University. Currently a member of the Cooperative Education Program, Pautz is actively pursuing a career in public relations...

This Thanksgiving, I am incredibly thankful for the new friends I’ve made here at Lakeland, the adventures we’ve all had and the wonderful community members I’ve had the honor of volunteering with this past year. Looking back on 2018, it’s been both a memorable year and one of much change. The memories, my new friend, and the hard work of those from my own community keep me going. I don’t know what 2019 will entail, but I’m looking forward to it. Happy Thanksgiving, Muskies!  

-Dominique Lee, Staff Reporter

Dominique Lee

Dominique Lee is a sophomore at Lakeland studying communication with a minor in diversity studies. She currently serves as the Foundation Board Treasurer and Secretary-Treasurer of Alphabet Soup. Apart...

Abigail Baumgartner

Abigail Baumgartner

Abby Baumgartner is a sophomore communications major. This is her first year with The Mirror. She is on the volleyball team at Lakeland and in her free time enjoys taking pictures and crafting. ...


I’m thankful for the work that’s kept me busy and the art and oddities that inspire me. 

-Luke Ulatowski, Editor-in-Chief

Luke Ulatowski

Luke Ulatowski is a senior writing major and business minor at Lakeland University. He is a writing tutor, an assistant editor for the literary magazine Seems and a member of both the Global and Japanese Student ...

This Thanksgiving is a bit different for me, as I have been gone from home for almost seven months with only a week of seeing my family. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and just being around a group of people that genuinely have love for me. I am thankful that I have the family that I have and that we are close. There were times before where family wasn’t talking to certain people in the family. This year, everyone is communicating with everyone and just showing everyone love. Also, my mother finally moved back from Columbus, Ohio and is back in Chicago, Ill. This makes me happy because she can be around more for family events and I do not have to drive six plus hours just to see her and my youngest brother. I believe this Thanksgiving will be one to remember, from the memories made to the food made. I look forward to the amount of fellowship that will be happening. 

-Donte Rowell, Visual Media Editor

Donte Rowell

Donte Rowell is a senior communication major at Lakeland University.  Rowell played on the Lakeland football team for four years. He was named all-conference for three years and was the football team captain for two c...

This year, I’m thankful for the wonderful people I’m lucky to know. I’m grateful for my family both near and far. I’m thankful for my friends, all of whom I’m lucky enough to know. I’m thankful for the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given this year, and for those who have given them to me. I’m thankful for my education, my professors and classmates who make class time interesting. I’m thankful for my work experiences and my wonderful colleagues. Most of all, I’m thankful for another year on this earth with all of you.  

-Scarlett Archuleta, Editor-in-Chief

Scarlett Archuleta

Scarlett Archuleta is a junior creative writing major at Lakeland University. She commutes to campus and is an avid reader and painter. Originally from California where the weather is always hot, she often ...

Well, seeing as the universe is an awfully big place, I’d say I’m thankful that, in some small corner of it, conditions happened to be hospitable enough to let a few stray particles of stardust get together and form things like birds and trees and all the necessary components for “Twilight Zone” marathons and punk rock shows, not to mention myself and a few dozen cool people nice enough to tolerate me. In short, I’m grateful for all the pretty anomalies and happy accidents that make the world a cool place to live… and for you, dear reader, because you’re gorgeous. 

-Marco Romantini, Staff Reporter

Marco Romantini

Marco Romantini is sophomore majoring in studio art with a minor in English. He is an artist and writer hailing from Milwaukee, Wis. He views the arts as the ideal means to promote diversity of thought and ad...

Cedric Logan

Cedric Logan

Cedric Logan is a senior at Lakeland majoring in sports management and leadership. He plays on the football team and is the founder and administrator of CeddyLo Productions. 

Mario Rafe

Mario Rafe

Mario Rafe is a senior communication major from Bourbonnais, Ill. He is a huge Chicago Bears fan and this is his first year with the Lakeland Mirror. 

I am thankful for my family. They’re always there for me when I need them. No family is perfect, but mine is pretty close.  

-Desiree Bass, Podcast Editor

Desiree Bass

Desiree Bass is a junior at Lakeland University pursuing a degree in communication. She is starting Lakeland's very first student lead podcast and is involved in a variety of clubs and organizations on...


I am thankful for my ups and downs in life because they have created who I am today. Everything I have endured over the course of 21 years has molded me into the person I am, and for that, I am thankful. I am thankful for my mistakes and my triumphs in life because they have taught me many lessons.     

-Madison Schweitzer, Print Layout Editor

Madison Schweitzer

Madison Schweitzer is a junior at Lakeland University majoring in communication. She does not have a specific career path quite yet, but it will be great and something she loves to do. ...

Rachel Arland

Rachel Arland

Rachel Arland is a senior pursuing a double major in writing and marketing. She aspires to be a book editor at a publishing company located in Seattle, Wash. 

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