New Resident Halls Groundbreaking

Amber Walker, Staff Reporter

If you have lived on campus and hear about the other dorms you will know that we have a few that are really showing their age. Well, Lakeland has been approved for a huge amount of money and can now tear down the old and build something new.  

According to David Gallianetti,We have been approved for a loan in the amount of $35.4 million dollars. $26 million of it will go towards two new resident halls, a water tower, and other things. The remainder will go towards other debts. We are hoping to tear down Grosshuesch Hall in January.” 

When we think of how the residence halls look with the newer halls on campus, Gallianetti states, “396 beds will be in the new halls, which is more than what they hold now. They will be reserved primarily for the freshmen and sophomores. We have had a large incoming class for the last few years. A lot of them are wanting to be involved with the Co-op. Knowing that we are growing and improving our campus to help others get a future they (the students) love. That is what matters.” 

Gallianetti also adds, “Lakeland is the only university that was approved for a loan in Wisconsin in 2020.”  

Knowing that some of the buildings on campus have been redone, it shows how the changes have helped Lakeland gain higher interest than the schools nearby. 

We have a newer campus center, and we will have two new dorms across the street from the campus center, it will make the campus center a new hub for students. This loan is also the largest single-investment within the entire school’s history, Gallianetti said. 

The groundbreaking for the new resident halls was held on October 15, 2020. This shows that with everything going on within this pandemic, it isn’t changing the positive changes that will lead Lakeland to a much brighter future.